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Tax Saving Mutual Funds

23 June,2023

7 Benefits of Investing in Mutual Fund for Tax Saving

Investing in mutual funds not only provides the opportunity for wealth creation and portfolio diversification but can also offer significant tax benefits. There are various tax-saving mutual fund schemes in India designed specifically to help individuals reduce their tax liability while simultaneously growing their investments. In this article, we will explore the 7 key benefits of mutual funds in India, with a special focus on the tax advantages they provide.

Types of Money Market Funds

12 June,2023

A Beginners Guide to Money Market Mutual Funds

Money market mutual funds are among the many types of investment options available in India. These funds are ideal for investors looking for low-risk investment options. However, even if you’re a risk-aggressive investor, you may still choose to add money market mutual funds to your portfolio for diversification. That said, here’s everything you need to know about this unique investment option.

SIP or Lumpsum Which is Better

12 June,2023

SIP v/s Lumpsum Investment: Which Method is Better?

As a part of your investment journey, you have to make a number of choices and decisions to optimise your returns. One such crucial choice is between SIPs and lumpsum investments. The SIP vs Lumpsum investment dilemma may be an old one, but it continues to concern new investors even today.

Types of Money Market Funds

12 June,2023

Advantages of Investing in Mutual Fund

Mutual funds have gained immense popularity among investors as a preferred investment option. They offer numerous advantages and benefits that make them a compelling choice for both beginners and seasoned investors. In this blog, we will delve into the advantages of mutual funds, how the economies of scale influence their potential for wealth creation and the impact of diversification, divisibility, and professional management. Understanding the benefits of investing in mutual funds will help you make informed decisions and maximise the potential returns from your investment portfolio.

What is Shareholders Equity

24 May,2023

Everything You Need to Know About Equities

The financial acumen of the modern Indian is higher than ever before. People are understanding the differences between saving and investing and flocking to invest in various products to generate long-term wealth. When you talk about building a fund or corpus for your latter years, the term equity is bound to come up multiple times. So, what are equities? In this article, we discuss the meaning of equity, its different types, and how you can benefit by investing in them.

Equity vs Debt Funds

24 May,2023

Equity vs. Debt: What's the Difference?

The diverse world of investments can be broadly divided into two major categories: Equity and Debt. While equity refers to self-owned capital of a company, debt is a company's borrowed capital. As asset classes, equity and debt are different in all aspects - structure, objectives, risk and returns etc. Hence it's important to understand the difference between equity and debt before investing your hard-earned money. In this article, we will explore the equity vs debt debate.

Large Cap Stocks

11 May,2023

What are Large Cap stocks?

The market capitalisation of a company is the total value of its outstanding shares that are publicly traded. Stocks of companies listed on the exchanges can be classified based on their market capitalisation into three different types, namely, large cap, mid cap, and small cap stocks.
Among these three categories, large cap stocks are in high demand because they generate stable returns...

What is etf

25 April,2023

What is an ETF?

The Indian financial market offers investors and traders a wide range of assets, securities and funds. Among these options are exchange-traded funds or ETFs…

Myths on Mutual Funds

25 April,2023

10 Myths about Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are widely regarded as one of the best stock market investment options. However, many investors may be apprehensive about investing in them…

What is SIP

13 January,2023

What is SIP & it’s benefits

Retail investors often shy away from the world of investing because they believe that you need a lot of money to start investing in the stock market…

How SIP Works with Example

13 January,2023

How Does an SIP Work

With inflation on the rise, the cost of living is reaching unprecedented levels. Therefore, it is pivotal to invest your money in instruments…

Difference Between Large Cap And Small Cap Funds

14 November,2022

Difference Between Large Cap and Small Cap Funds

While part of the same universe, large cap and small cap funds cater to different audiences. So, as lucrative as small cap funds…

What Is Large Cap Fund

09 November,2022

What is Large Cap Fund

Capital markets have long been considered an excellent avenue for creating wealth. And one of the most popular investment instruments is equity shares. Investors can buy equity stocks…

How To Choose The Right Mutual Fund

02 November,2022

Types of Mutual Funds

The Indian mutual fund industry has grown leaps and bounds since 1963 when the first mutual fund, Unit Trust of India, was launched. In the last six decades, the industry…

Net Asset Value in Mutual Funds

14 June,2022

What is NAV and How is NAV Calculated

NAV is the acronym for Net Asset Value, and it represents the net value of an entity. In the case of mutual funds, NAV means the market value…

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