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What is a Brokerage Calculator?

A Brokerage Calculator is a unique online tool that is designed to help you quickly determine the amount of brokerage applicable for a given trade. You can use the m.Stock brokerage savings calculator to check how much brokerage you will save yearly by opting for the ZERO brokerage plan from m.Stock.

How to use a Brokerage Calculator?

You are required to pay a set of charges, known as brokerage, in addition to the purchase price of the stock every time you trade. Brokerage can either be a percentage of the total trade value or a flat fee per trade. But since it adds to the overall cost of your investment, it is important to accurately calculate your brokerage using a brokerage calculator to make informed decisions.

So, how do you use a brokerage calculator? Using a brokerage charges calculator is extremely easy, and it only takes a few minutes. You only have to enter a few details of your trade. The calculator then uses this information to instantly give you an estimate of the amount of brokerage that you will save per trade with m.Stock.

Follow the steps outlined below to use the m.Stock brokerage calculator:

  • Step 1

    stock brokerage calculator

    Select the segment(s) that you wish to trade in

  • Step 2

    intraday brokerage calculator

    Choose the type of brokerage - Flat rate or percentage

  • Step 3

    brokerage charges calculator

    Enter the brokerage fee per order or the percentage charged per order

  • Step 4

    brokerage fee calculator

    And finally, specify the number of orders that you want to place in a month

The amount of brokerage that you can save each year by opting for m.Stock’s ZERO brokerage plan will be displayed instantly by the calculator.

Brokerage as a % of trade value

In this case, the brokerage depends on the total value of the trade that you place, also known as the turnover. Let’s say that your average monthly turnover is around ₹1,00,000, and your stock broker charges 0.10% of the total trade value as brokerage.

In that case, the brokerage that you would have to pay annually would be as follows.


Average monthly
X Percentage of
X 12

1,00,000 X 0.10% X 12

Brokerage = ₹ 1,200

By opting for m.Stock’s ZERO brokerage plan, you can save ₹1,200 annually.

Brokerage as a flat fee

Discount brokers charge a flat fee brokerage. Here, a fixed fee is charged for every successful trade, irrespective of the trade value. Let’s say the number of monthly orders you place is 100 and your stockbroker levies a fixed fee of ₹20 for every trade.

In this case, the brokerage that you would have to pay annually would be as follows.


Number of
monthly orders
X Fixed fee
X 12

100 X 20 X 12

Brokerage = ₹ 24,000

By opting for m.Stock’s ZERO brokerage plan, you can save ₹24,000 annually.

Brokerage Savings with m.Stock

m.Stock offers you a ZERO brokerage plan, with which you can enjoy significant brokerage savings each year by using m.Stock's brokerage calculator. With this, you can place unlimited orders without having to pay any brokerage fees for the following investment products:

Brokerage Calculator
  • Equity Delivery
  • Equity Intraday
  • Equity Futures
  • Equity Options
  • Currency Futures
  • Currency Option

To open an demat account with m.Stock, all you need to do is pay a one-time account opening fee of just ₹999. Thereafter, you get to enjoy lifetime ZERO brokerage without any annual platform fees or call & trade charges whatsoever.

There is also no limit on the number of orders you can place, and no subscription plans that you need to pay for. All in all, you can enjoy brokerage savings on every trade without any hidden charges or any catch.

What are the benefits of the m.Stock brokerage calculator?

The m.stock brokerage calculator offers a host of benefits to the users such as

  • It gives an accurate estimate of the brokerage saved
  • It provides instant results and helps you plan your trades better
Brokerage Calculator

FAQs on Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage is typically calculated either as a percentage of your trade value, or at a flat, fixed rate. However, when you trade with your m.Stock account, you need not pay any brokerage charges.

Intraday trading involves buying and selling a stock on the same day. While there are two sides to an intraday transaction, brokerage is calculated on only one side. Intraday brokerage can be calculated at a flat rate or as a percentage of the trade value. With m.Stock, however, you get the benefit of zero brokerage on your intraday trades too.

Broker commission or brokerage charges vary from one stock broker to another. Once you know the manner in which your stock broker levies brokerage fees, you can use an online brokerage calculator to check what the fees will be for each trade you make.

Delivery trading involves taking delivery of the shares you buy. In other words, you hold them for more than 1 day. The brokerage charges for delivery trading also vary from one broker to another.

You can use a brokerage calculator to compute the charges based on the fee structure of your stock broker. If you have opted for m.Stock as your broker, no brokerage is charged for your delivery trading, thanks to the ZERO brokerage plan.

Break-even point (BEP) shows you the price at which the net gains and net losses from a trade will be equal, after accounting for brokerage, STT and other charges. You can simply use an online calculator to compute the break-even point for a trade.

When you opt for m.Stock’s zero brokerage plan, you do not have to pay any brokerage or call & trade charges. As for other charges like STT, transaction charges, GST, SEBI charges and stamp charges, you can find a list of these fees on the m.Stock website.

No. With m.Stock, you do not have to pay any brokerage on any trades, irrespective of whether they are buy or sell trades. This is because of the lifetime ZERO brokerage plan available to you at a one-time fee of ₹999.

Securities Transaction Tax, also known as STT, is a tax levied on all purchases and sale of securities made through a stock exchange in India. STT is only applicable on equities, with commodities and currency segments being exempted from it.

No. Since stamp duty comes under the purview of the states, stamp duty charges may differ from one state to another. The stamp duty that is applicable to you is determined based on your correspondence address.

No. With m.Stock’s zero brokerage plan, you do not have to pay any brokerage on futures or option trades.

Yes, you are liable to pay 18% GST on all your trades. GST is applicable on the brokerage and transaction charges. Since m.Stock charges zero brokerage, you only need to pay 18% GST on the transaction charges applicable.

Yes. The SEBI turnover fee is around ₹10 for every crore of trade value.

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