Zero Brokerage Plan

17 Apr, 2023

With m.Stock, say 'NO' to brokerage fee and 'YES' to more savings 🤑 as you'll pay ZERO BROKERAGE for life across all products! 😀 Join the zero brokerage revolution and start trading like a pro because 'Jab zero bola hai toh...#BrokerageDenaKyunHai?


Audio Subtitle
Happy Birthday Rahul Happy Birthday, Rahul!
Yeh kya kar rahe ho Rahul What are you doing, Rahul?!
Arre Zero Hatega If zero gets eliminated,
Toh then
Brokerage lagega you will be charged brokerage.
Samjha kya? Understood?
Aur Hey
Future ka kya plan hai? What plans for future?
Futures! Futures!
Future ki baat mere saamne mat karna Don't talk about future in front of me!
Usse chodke baaki sab pe brokerage hai Except for Futures, there's brokerage fee on all other products
Kya, laga kya rakha hai? What…what is happening?
Arre, mazaak hai kya? Is it a joke?!
Arre bol na Say
Mazaak hai kya? Is it a joke?
Kitna hua? What's the fare?
Tees rupaay ho gaye It is 30 rupees
Tees? 30?
Ji Yes
Jidhar dekho udhar tees Wherever you look, it's 30
Tees din tak sab kuch free, maze karo Till 30 days, everything is free, have fun…
Aur tees din ke baad brokerage bharo And after 30 days, pay brokerage!
Matlab kuch bhi Just whatever?!
Ae Ae
Arre bhai Hey brother
Sirf nau so ninyanave pay karo aur zero brokerage lifetime Just pay ₹999 once and enjoy zero brokerage for life!
  Zero Brokerage on everything including Options, Futures, Equity Delivery, Intraday, Currency ,Margin Trading…!!
Jab zero bola hai, When zero brokerage is promised,
brokerage dena kyun hai? why pay brokerage?

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