How to Read Trading Account Ledger

07 Sep, 2023

In this video, we'll guide you through understanding your ledger on the mStock app & web.

The ledger is a record of your trading account's cash flow, including payments, transactions, charges, and interest on a daily basis. It details funds transferred, payouts, charges, payments for securities, receipts from sales, and any transaction affecting your Demat & Trading account's cash balance.

Essential for every investor, this statement allows you to track all details of your securities transactions. Watch to learn how to interpret and navigate your ledger effectively, gaining insights into the financial dynamics of your investment journey.

Aaj hum dekhenge ki Trading Account ka Ledger kya hota hai aur ise kaise samajhte hain. Ledger aapke trading account mein hue transactions jaise ki  kitne paise aaye, nikaale gaye aur anya sabhi transactions ka hisaab rakhta hai.   

mStock par ledger dekhne ke liye, login karne ke baad, menu mein jaakar, reports ke Ledger tab ko chunein. Iske baad aapko screen par ledger balance dikhayi dega. Positive balance ka matlab hain ki itne paise aapke account main maujood hai aur Negative balance ka matlab hai, aapko itne paise account mein deposit karne hain.   

mStock par aap ek hafte, ek mahine, ya 3 mahine ka ledger dekh sakte hain. Athwa aap custom option par tap karke, apne zarurat ke anusaar tareekh chun kar ledger dekh sakte hain.  

Ledger mein sabse pehle aapko tareekh dikhti hai, yaani ki jis din account mein debit ya credit hua hain. Uske baad description dikhta hai jahaan paise debit ya credit hone ka kaaran likha hota hai. Agla column amount ka hai. Agar amount green mein hai, toh paise credit hue hain aur agar red mein hain, toh paise debit hue hain. Aakhri column transaction-wise balance dikhata hai jo ki peechle trading din ke hisaab se calculated hota hai. Sirf funds pay-in ki entry usi din ke ledger mein dikhai degi. 

Abb aaiye kuch ledger entries ko samajhte hain.   

  • Funds received via UPI or Netbanking Yeh entry batati hai ki aapne trading account mein paise transfer kiye hain   
  • Client Payout Given Iss (इस) entry ka matlab hai ki aapne trading account se paise withdraw kiye hain
  • Delayed Payment Charges Yeh charges aapke account mein negative balance hone ke kaaran lagte hain
  • DP Transaction Charges Iss entry ke antargat kayi charges aate hain jaise ki annual maintenance charge, pledge, unpledge charges, sell transactions par lagne wale charges, Demat aur Remat charges. Intraday square-off charges Kisi wajah se agar aap intraday trades ko square-off nahi kar paate hain aur humaari risk management team aapke trades ko square-off karti hai, toh yeh charges laagu hote hain
  • Quarterly AMC Yeh charges aapke Demat account ke maintenance ke liye lagta hain aur harr teen mahine mein ₹120+ GST (Rupees one twenty plus GST) aapke account se debit hote hain
  • Operating charges Trading se sambandhit anya kharche Operating charges main gine jaate hain. Yeh charges bhi harr teen mahine mein aapke account se debit hote hai.

Agar aap lifetime free AMC plan chunte hain toh aapke DP AMC aur operating charges dono zindagi bhar ke liye zero ho jaate hain   

Transaction-sambandhit aapko Ledger main kuch entries dikhayi de sakti hai. Aaiye unhe samajhte hain:  

  • Transaction for cash settlement Delivery ya intraday main stocks khareedte ya bechte waqt, net purchase value debit hoti hai aur net sell value credit hoti hai   
  • Transaction for Nsefo: Yeh entry aapke Futures position ke mark-to-market profit ya loss ko darshaati hai. Iske alawa, yeh entry Options ke buy or sell transactions ki value ko bhi darshaati hai.   
  • Transaction for Currency: Yeh entry aapke currency Futures position ke mark-to-market profit ya loss ko darshaati hai. Iske alawa, yeh entry Currency Options ke buy or sell transactions ki value ko bhi darshaati hai.  

In sab ke alawa, MTF (eMargin) sambandhit transactions jaise MTF margin amount received from Normal ledger to MTF ledger, surplus amount transferred from MTF ledger to Normal ledger jaise entries bhi aapko aapke ledger main nazar aayenge.  

MTF sambandhit entries ko vistaar main samajhne ke liye, description main diye gaye link par click karein.  

Yeh thi ledger sambandhit charges ki jaankari.  

Agar aapko ye video accha laga, toh isse like aur share kare! Aur humare channel ko subscribe zaroor karein!  

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