How to Save Interest on eMargin on mStock?

21 Jul, 2023

Presenting yet another engaging conversation with one of our valued customers! Meet Mr. Rahul Barve, who shares his investing journey with m.Stock. He joined our platform to take advantage of our incredibly low Margin Trading Facility (MTF) rates, starting from just 6.99%.

Discover how Mr. Barve is enjoying the benefits of our unbelievable mtf interest rates, which have helped him save 8% to 10% on his investments. According to him, this is one of our most outstanding USP, setting us apart from others.

Mr. Barve has given us a 4-star rating and expresses his satisfaction with our products. He firmly believes that choosing m.Stock for his share market investment needs was the right decision.

It was great to invest through m.Stock. eMargin helps in saving interest of around say 8 to 10 percent. That's what even I have saved over a period of time. eMargin product at 7 to 10 percent is something which is unique. The onboarding experience was great. I'm a qualified chartered accountant. Even my wife is a qualified chartered accountant. I have professional experience of around 25 years now. Throughout into taxation. And I have a small daughter, she is nine years old. And my parents are retired too.

The onboarding experience was great. Because you have a bank card, Aadhar card, everything available with you. EKYC is done. Video KYC recording is done. So, everything goes online. Let's divide the investor into two categories. One is a retail investor, and one is HNI. HNI is flushed with cash, liquidity. There's no issue. The retail of the small investor is someone who doesn't have cash, has aspirations, has to build a portfolio.

And he is looking for some products in terms of eMargins or margin products, which will help him create that portfolio. m.Stock launched their new product where you can take a position of 4x or 5x, depending on the corpus which you can bring in and how much you want to take a position. I was skeptical. I said, let me watch. Let me first see, resume it and then decide whether to go ahead with this or not. I waited for a month or so and then I registered. I said, let me take a position and see how it works.

It was working beautifully. We are living in an era where the interest rates are rising, or rather now it's going for a pause. Giving a product at 7% to 10% is something which is unique. And hence, I would say a unique USP for m.Stock to sell the product. The product helps in saving interest over around 8% to 10%. That's what even I have saved over a period of time.

It was good. It was great to invest through m.Stock. Investments in securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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