Know about m.Stock Brokerage Charges & Pricing

20 May, 2022

Begin your investment journey with m.Stock by Mirae Asset Capital Markets. Watch this complete video to know the benefits of trading with m.Stock by Mr. Arun Chaudhry (CBO).


Hi everyone, this is Arun Chaudhry from m.Stock. Since we've launched on the 11th of April, we've been getting a lot of queries from prospective customers asking us what's the catch in the pricing that is being launched. I understand that this pricing itself looks a little unbelievable, but firstly, let me assure you that the pricing is as true as it gets.

The 999 account actually comes with No catch and when I say No catch, let me elaborate:

Catch number one: It doesn't come with any limitations of time, and hence this 999 account is there with you forever. That is the brokerage is absolutely free across segments forever.

Catch number two: We don't club any subscription packs with that account, and hence 999 for the account is the only fee that you give to us.

Catch number three: There is no age limit to our office. No matter how young you are, if you are eligible to open an account, you can open a m.Stock account. That goes for people who are of a maturity as well.

Catch number four: We don't offer any limitations or any hidden charges across this account as well.

And to top this, all this entire offering comes to you from a brand, which is one of the largest in Asia, a brand which has been in existence across 15 countries for more than 25 years for a brand which manages millions of customers and their wealth, which today is in excess of about 600 billion. I hope this gives you the confidence to go ahead and open the m.Stock account now.

Don't wait. You can visit and start your today.

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