Pricing of Investing in Stock Market

02 Jun, 2022

A complete transperancy on our pricing structure that will change your trading experience forever.

To understand more on our pricing, watch this complete video by Mr. Arun Chaudhry, Chief Business Officer, Mirae Asset Capital Markets to help you figure out the best plan for you.

This informational video will help you decide on a suitable plan for your trading and investing journey.


Hello everyone! This is Arun Chaudhry from m.Stock. First of all, let me thank all of you for such a fabulous response that you've given to the offering, which is brought to you by m.Stock from Mirae Asset. Since our launch, we've been getting a lot of excitement from our customers and, also queries to clarify a little more on the pricing.


I understand the unbelievability and hence, I wanted to talk to all of you to clarify the pricing that we have at am stock for making it little easy for you to understand. Let me break the pricing into three parts. The account opening charge, the charge for the Demat account and the transactional link charge account opening charge.

m.Stock offers its customers two accounts. The first one, which is a marque offering is the 999 account with this 999 account, you will get brokerage free across all the products for life. Yes, it's absolutely true. All we charge is 999 plus applicable taxes and a small payment partner fee to add to it, which is the second part of my discussion is the DMA charge.

Now there are two options. One, if you decide to go with an additional 999 payment towards your demat account charge, we make your demat as well always free. That is the 999 account opening charge club with the 999 demat charge makes your trading and investment account free for life. If you choose not to add the demat account, we will be charging you Rs.120 per quarter as a demat charge.


This is when we also charge you for additional government taxes and a small payment partner fee. Now the third segment of the charges, which is the transaction link charge. I wanted to clarify, although I will do a dedicated video to explain how we are very competitive in the other charges as well. I wanted to clarify that in stock access.

Where we collect the charges, link to your transactions, which you do on m.Stock and pass it on to the respective regulators. These are the three charges that you pay with us beyond this there is nothing else. I wanted to talk to you and assure you that our price is not linked to any subscriptions.


There are no order limit, there are no age limits, there are no subscriptions, there are no expiries of this. And hence only with the 999 account, you get broken completely free across products. You add one more optional 999, and you get even your demat free for life. I'm sure this will add clarity to your thoughts and also add to your enthusiasm to start your journey with m.Stock as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.

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