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11 May, 2023

Decoding Daily Margin Statement

Daily Margin statement is an important document, sent by your broker, that gives you information about the available trading margin in your account on a particular trading day.
The primary objective of a daily margin statement is to ensure that investors remain informed of the status of their margins at all times. This way, unfavourable situations like margin shortfalls...


11 May,2023

Face Value of a share: Explained

There’s an old saying, “Never take anything at its face value”. Well, as philosophical and profound as it may be, the context is quite…


25 April,2023

What is a rights issue of shares?

As an investor, you need to know the different corporate actions a company can initiate. Among the different non-cash corporate…


25 April,2023

Online Trading and its advantages

Until a few decades ago, stock trading was done by a few individuals with in-depth knowledge of the stock markets and a large amount of funds…


25 April,2023

How to Invest in the Share Market? Tips for Beginners

An increasing number of individuals are now opting to invest in the stock market with the aim of wealth creation. However, finding success...


24 March,2023

How to activate a segment in m.Stock

Traders can choose to trade in a variety of segments such as equities, commodities, derivatives, and currencies. Every segment has different trading…


06 February,2023

Advantages & benefits of online share trading?

Online stock trading allows you to buy and sell various securities such as stocks, futures, options, bonds, commodities, and currencies…


13 January,2023

What is Equity Funding & its’ Benefits

The stock market is an ocean of opportunities. There are many instances when traders spot a great trading opportunity but cannot make the most out of it due to limited trading capital…


19 December,2022

Basket Orders

As a trader, timing is everything as even the slightest delay in execution can result in losing out on lucrative opportunities. This is where basket order comes into the picture…


18 December,2022

GTT orders on m.Stock

A GTT order is an order, which allows the investor to set a trigger price and a target price. The order is only placed with the exchange when the stock reaches the specified trigger price…


14 November,2022

What is An NCD (Non-convertible Debenture)

Companies have multiple options to raise funds, primary amongst which are the issue of shares and debentures. Whilst the former dilutes the…


07 November,2022

Equity vs Commodity

Always at odds, the debate of equity vs commodity markets has fuelled even further post the pandemic and in the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While both equity and commodity…

20 October,2022

Muhurat Trading 2022

Diwali is one of the most auspicious times of the year. Celebrated across the length and breadth of the country, the festival of light is a good…


21 September,2022

What is Sensex and How is it Calculated

The term, SENSEX was coined in 1989 by a stock market analyst, Deepak Mohoni, and is the combination of the words…


05 September,2022

Difference Between FDI And FII

The term "foreign direct investment" (FDI) refers to investment made by a company with its headquarters in another country…


30 August,2022

How Does Brokerage Work?

Brokerage is a fee charged by a brokerage firm for acting as an intermediary and facilitating buying and selling of stocks. Payable every time an investor transacts…


08 August,2022

How to Read Breakaway Bullish and Bearish Candlestick Chart Patterns

The history of candlesticks dates back to the 17th century when a Japanese rice trader, Homma Munehisa, invented them…