Kontor Space Ltd IPO Timeline

Kontor Space Ltd IPO opens on 27-Sep-2023, and closes on 03-Oct-2023. The Kontor Space Ltd IPO bid date is from 27-Sep-2023 to 03-Oct-2023. The Cut-off time for UPI Mandate confirmation is 12 P.M. on the next day of issue closing day.

Event Date
Kontor Space Ltd IPO Opening Date 27-Sep-2023
Kontor Space Ltd IPO Closing Date 03-Oct-2023
Basis of Allotment 06-Oct-2023
Initiation of Refunds 09-Oct-2023
Credit of Shares to Demat 10-Oct-2023
Kontor Space Ltd IPO Listing Date 10-Oct-2023

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Lot Size

Kontor Space Ltd IPO lot size is 1200 shares. A retail-individual investor can apply for up to 1 lots (1200 shares or 111600).

Application Lots Shares Amount
Minimum 1 1200 ₹111600
Maximum 1 1200 ₹111600

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Details

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Date 27-Sep-2023 to 03-Oct-2023
Kontor Space Ltd IPO Face Value Shares of ₹10 per share
Kontor Space Ltd IPO Price ₹93 per share
Kontor Space Ltd IPO Lot Size 1200
Issue Size Shares of ₹10 (aggregating up to ₹15.62 Cr)
Fresh Issue Shares of ₹10 (aggregating up to ₹15.62 Cr)
Offer for Sale -
Issue Type Fixed Price - SME
Listing At NSE - SME
QIB Shares Offered -
Retail Shares Offered -
NII (HNI) Shares Offered -
Company Promoters Kanak Mangal, Neha Mittal.

Objects of the Issue

The company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds from the Fresh Issue towards funding the following objects:

  • 1 To make the payment of Rental Deposit of new co-working centres
  • 2 To carry out the capital expenditure for it outs of new co-working centres
  • 3 General corporate purposes

Company Financials

Kontor Space Ltd Financial Information (Restated)

Period Ended Total Assets Total Revenue Profit After Tax
03-2023 12.95 9.18 1.88
03-2022 5.81 4.04 0.30
03-2021 5.36 3.90 -0.62
Amount in ₹ Crore
  • Brand Image.
  • Asset-light model.
  • Economical pricing.
  • Contract flexibility.
  • Smart workspaces.
  • Convenience of enquiry/booking.
  • Allied business services collaborations.
  • Favorable clients' composition.
  • Roll out capabilities.
  • Strategic location.
  • Experienced management.
  • Proven track record of robust financial performance.
  • The company has a limited operating and financial history, which makes it difficult to accurately assess its future growth prospects.
  • The company has a history of losses and its cannot assure that the company shall not incur losses in future.
  • Some of the risks the company's face with respect to its clients are heightened in the case of single / large client(s).
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a material adverse effect on the company business and its operating results could be adversely affected by such lock-downs, weakening of economic conditions due to lock-down in all parts of India and other parts of world due to such pandemic or similar unforeseen events.
  • Setting up of a centre requires substantial capital outlay before the company realize any benefits or returns on such investments.
  • The company is exposed to risks associated with the cost and delays in fit outs of the new centres.
  • The company's business operations are majorly concentrated in certain geographical regions and any adverse developments affecting its operations in these regions could have a significant impact on the company revenue and results of operations.
  • The company has incurred indebtedness which exposes it to various risks which may have an adverse effect on its business and results of operations.
  • Any penalty or demand raised by statutory authorities in future will affect financial position of the Company.
  • Any failure to enter into definitive agreements for proposed new centres at Andheri and Airoli may adversely affect the company ability to expand its business and have an adverse effect on the company financial condition and results of operations.
  • The Company's, Promoter and Directors are parties to certain tax proceedings. Any adverse decision in such proceedings may have a material adverse effect on its business, results of operations and financial condition.
  • The company may not be able to successfully negotiate key terms in respect of the leave and license agreements its enter for the premises that the company may occupy, or renew the agreements for the existing premises on satisfactory terms and conditions.
  • The tenure of leave and license agreement may limit the company operating flexibility and could adversely affect its liquidity and results of operations.
  • The company incur costs relating to the maintenance, refurbishment and remediation of its centres.
  • Delay in the completion of the Issue, there would be a corresponding delay in the completion of the objects / schedule of implementation.
  • Timely acquisition and renewal of necessary approvals, licenses, registrations, and permits, as well as the proper maintenance of statutory and regulatory authorizations, is vital for smooth functioning of the company business. Any failure to meet these requirements may have adverse implications for its operations and financial standing.
  • The company do not own the registered office as well as other co-working centers (except one which is owned by the Company) from where the company carry out its business activities. In case of non-renewal of rent agreement or dispute in relation to use of the said premise, the company business and results of operations can be adversely affected.
  • The company has identified certain inaccuracies in relation to regulatory filings that are required to be made with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) and has encountered instances of non-compliance with certain provisions under the applicable laws.
  • The company face competition in its business from organized and unorganized players, which may adversely affect the company business operation and financial condition.
  • The Company had negative cash flows in the past years. Any sustained negative cash flow could impact its growth and business.
  • Brand recognition is important to the success of the company business, and its inability to build and maintain the company brand names will harm its business, financial condition and results of operation.
  • The company may not be able to continue to retain existing clients, most of whom enter into agreements with short-term to long term commitments, or to attract new clients in sufficient numbers.
  • If the company employees or other people who enter its centres act badly, the company business and its reputation may be harmed.
  • The company has not identified any alternate source of raising the funds required for its 'Objects of the Issue'.
  • Relevant copies of educational qualification of Wholetime Director & Managing Director is not available / traceable.
  • If the company pricing and related promotional and marketing plans are not effective, its business and prospects may be negatively affected.
  • The company may not be able to compete effectively with others.
  • The company's success heavily relies on the identification of appropriate location, which is primary requirement for conducting its operations.
  • The company relies on independent third- party service providers and contractors for maintenance of its Centers and any failure on their part to perform their obligations could adversely affect the company business and results of operations.
  • The company may suffer a large uninsured loss or if its suffer an insured loss that significantly exceeds the company insurance coverage, its financial condition and results of operations may be adversely affected.
  • The company ability to ensure maintenance of ongoing relationships with its clients remains critical for the growth, profitability, and operational results of the company business. Any impairment in its long-term relationships with clients has adverse effects on the company business, operational results, and financial condition.
  • The Promoters, including the Promoter Group, and Directors collectively hold 98.18% of the Equity Shares of the Company, resulting in a substantial interest in the Company's performance, in addition to their remuneration and reimbursement of expenses.
  • The sustained success of the company business relies significantly on the contributions and expertise of its Promoter and Key Managerial Personnel, as they provide ongoing services, strategic guidance, and invaluable support.
  • The company has not independently verified certain data in this Prospectus.
  • The Company has entered into related party transactions in the past and may continue to enter into related party transactions in the future, which may potentially involve conflicts of interest with the equity shareholders.
  • The company ability to pay dividends in the future will depend on its future cash flows, working capital requirements, capital expenditures and financial condition.
  • The deployment of funds raised through this Issue shall not be subject to any Monitoring Agency and shall be purely dependent on the discretion of the management of the Company.
  • The average cost of acquisition of Equity Shares by the company Promoter could be lower than the price determined at time of registering the Prospectus.
  • The requirements of being a listed company may strain its resources.
  • The Objects of the Issue for which funds are being raised have not been appraised by any bank or financial institution. Any variation between the estimation and actual expenditure as estimated by the management could result in execution delays or influence the company profitability adversely.
  • Relevant copy of Domain Registration Certificate of the Company is not available / traceable.
  • Any future issuance of Equity Shares may dilute your shareholdings, and sale of the Equity Shares by the company major shareholders may adversely affect the trading price of its Equity Shares.
  • Expansion.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Brand Image.
  • Reduction of funding costs.
  • Entering into new geographies.
  • Attract and retain talented employee.
  • Optimal Utilization of Resources.
  • Enhance brand awareness and engagement through digital marketing.

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Promoter Holding

Pre Issue Share Holding 98.18%
Post Issue Share Holding 71.49%

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Subscription Status (Bidding Detail)

The Kontor Space Ltd IPO is subscribed - times on Oct 03, 2023 05:00:00 PM. The public issue subscribed - times in the retail category, - times in the QIB category, and - times in the NII category. Check Day by Day Subscription Details (Live Status)

Category QIB NII Retail Employee Total
Subscription (times) - - - - -

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Prospectus

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Listing Date

Listing Date 10 Oct 23
BSE Script 91874
Listing In NSE - SME
IPO Price ₹93
Face Value ₹10

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Registrar

Cameo Corporate Services Ltd

Phone: +91-44-40020700, 28460390
Email: investor@cameoindia.com
Website: www.cameoindia.com

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Lead Manager(s)

  1. Srujan Alpha Capital Advisors LLP

FAQs on Kontor Space Ltd IPO

Kontor Space Ltd IPO, which opens for subscription from 27-Sep-2023 to 03-Oct-2023 has an issue size of ₹15.62 crore. The issue type is book building issue.

In case of pre-apply, your IPO order will be placed on the Exchange as soon as the official bidding for Kontor Space Ltd IPO begins. You will receive a UPI request within 24 hours after the bidding period opens.

Kontor Space Ltd IPO Opens for subscription from 27-Sep-2023 to 03-Oct-2023.

The lot size of Kontor Space Ltd is 1200 shares. Retail investors can subscribe to minimum 1 lot and maximum 1 lots. The minimum and maximum application value is ₹111600 and ₹111600 respectively.

Allotment date for Kontor Space Ltd is 06-Oct-2023 and refund of application amount (in case allotment is not received) will begin from 09-Oct-2023. If your allotment goes through, then shares will be credited in your Demat account by 10-Oct-2023.

The registrar for Kontor Space Ltd IPO is Cameo Corporate Services Ltd. You can check your IPO allotment status on the registrar's website.

The shares of Kontor Space Ltd are proposed to be listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

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