Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Timeline

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO opens on 30-Jun-2023, and closes on 05-Jul-2023. The Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO bid date is from 30-Jun-2023 to 05-Jul-2023. The Cut-off time for UPI Mandate confirmation is 12 P.M. on the next day of issue closing day.

Event Date
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Opening Date 30-Jun-2023
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Closing Date 05-Jul-2023
Basis of Allotment 10-Jul-2023
Initiation of Refunds 11-Jul-2023
Credit of Shares to Demat 12-Jul-2023
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Listing Date 13-Jul-2023

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Lot Size

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO lot size is 3000 shares. A retail-individual investor can apply for up to 1 lots (3000 shares or 126000).

Application Lots Shares Amount
Minimum 1 3000 ₹126000
Maximum 1 3000 ₹126000

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Details

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Date 30-Jun-2023 to 05-Jul-2023
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Face Value Shares of ₹10 per share
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Price ₹35 to ₹42 per share
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Lot Size 3000
Issue Size Shares of ₹10 (aggregating up to ₹26.41 Cr)
Fresh Issue Shares of ₹10 (aggregating up to ₹22.01 Cr)
Offer for Sale -
Issue Type Book Building - SME
Listing At NSE - SME
QIB Shares Offered -
Retail Shares Offered -
NII (HNI) Shares Offered -
Company Promoters Ramesh Marand, Vinay Dangar, Tridhya Consultancy LLP.

Objects of the Issue

The company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds from the Fresh Issue towards funding the following objects:

  • 1 Repayment of unsecured & secured loans
  • 2 General corporate purposes

Company Financials

Tridhya Tech Ltd Financial Information (Restated)

Period Ended Total Assets Total Revenue Profit After Tax
03-2023 54.26 15.17 2.47
03-2022 25.98 13.54 3.27
03-2021 12.00 8.34 0.86
Amount in ₹ Crore
  • Experienced Promoter.
  • End-to-end IT Services under a single umbrella.
  • Quality Service.
  • Skilled Team.
  • The Company had acquired the shares of the Contcentric IT Services Private Limited and Basilroot Technologies Private Limited to make them subsidiaries of the Company. The price paid per Equity share for acquiring the shares are higher than the Value of share as per valuation report.
  • The Consolidated Financial statements for the period ended on December 31, 2022 and March 31,2022 includes the profit of Rs.4.03 lacs and net loss of Rs. 3.63 lacs respectively from an associate Company Viz. Tridhya Tech GMBH.
  • The company Restated Financial Statements are Prepared and Signed by the Peer Review Chartered Accountants who is not Statutory Auditors of the Company as required under the provisions of ICDR.
  • The company subsidiary company Contcentric IT services Private Limited (Contcentric) had paid advance of Rs.311.55 lacs to Vinay Danger, Director of the Company against the property.
  • The Company had taken loan from Ratnnafin Capital private Limited (Ratnnafin) of Rs.202.50 lacs and as on December 31, 2022 the outstanding amount was 19.96 lacs. The condition of sanction letter is not fulfilled by the Company.
  • In FY 2019-20, the provident fund payment by the Company was not in Time.
  • Yes Bank Limited had sanctioned Mortgage loan against the property of Rs.56.15 lacs on January 29,2022 and no charge was created in favour of bank.
  • The company business is dependent on developing and maintaining continuing relationships with its clients and customers. The loss of any significant client or customer could have a material adverse effect on its business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • Failure to protect the company intellectual property could harm its ability to compete effectively.
  • Any non-compliance of any of the provisions of Non-Disclosure agreement by the client as well as employees' effect on its reputation, business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • The company has to face serve competition ibn its business.
  • If the company fail to response to changing customer needs and adopt and develop new technologies, its business, financial condition, and results of operations could be adversely affected.
  • The company product and services exposed it to numerous risks, including sometimes conflicting legal and regulatory requirements, and violation of these regulations could adversely its business and results of operations.
  • Undetected software design defects, errors or failures may result in loss of or delay in market acceptance of its product and services or in liabilities that could materially adversely affect its business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • The company availed the services of certain consultants for some of its operations. Any deficiency or interruption in their services could adversely affect its business operations and reputation.
  • Data networks are vulnerable to attacks, unauthorized access and disruptions. Losses or liabilities that are incurred as a result of any of the foregoing could materially adversely affect its business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • The company failure to adapt to technological developments or industry trends could affect the performance and features of its products and services and reduce its attractiveness to the company customers.
  • Failure to offer client support in a timely and effective manner may adversely affect its relationships with the company clients.
  • The company success depends heavily upon its Promoters, Directors and Senior Key managerial personnel for their continuing services, strategic guidance and financial support.
  • The company international sales and operations are subject to many uncertainties and its exposed to foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Product development is very costly, time consuming and uncertain process.
  • If the company is not able to tap up the business deals effectively, its may not achieve the company business and financial growth.
  • The company revenues and profit will fluctuate according to completion and delivery of its products.
  • The company insurance coverage may not adequately protect its against certain operating risks and this may have an adverse effect on the results of the company business.
  • The company has to update the name of the company in some of the statutory approvals and certificates due to the conversion of the Company in to Public Limited Company.
  • The company business requires it to obtain and renew certain registrations, licenses and permits from government and regulatory authorities and the failure to obtain and renew them in a timely manner may adversely affect its business operations.
  • The software products development time may varies from products to products and also the time schedule for completion of products may also get delayed on account of several internal and external factors, which may result in significant fluctuations in its revenues.
  • The proper functioning of its solutions may be impaired by fraudulent or malicious activity, including non-human traffic.
  • The company could be harmed by employee misconduct or errors that are difficult to detect and any such incidences could adversely affect its financial condition, results of operations and reputation.
  • The company may not be successful in implementing its business strategies.
  • The company has issued Equity Shares during the last one year at a price lower than the Issue Price. Its have issued Equity Shares to promoter and public during the last 12 months preceding the date of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus at a price lower than the Issue Price as detailed in the following table.
  • The company client's proprietary rights may be misappropriated by its employees in violation of applicable confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and as a result, cause it to breach the company contractual obligations in relation to such proprietary rights.
  • Increases in wages for IT professionals could reduce its cash flows and profit margins.
  • The company Loss making group companies in last three years.
  • There is one outstanding legal proceeding involving its Directors. Any failure to succeed this proceeding successfully may have an adverse effect on its business prospects, financial condition, result of ongoing operations and reputation.
  • The company has unsecured loans from directors and relatives of directors, which are repayable on demand. Any demand from lenders for repayment of such unsecured loans, may adversely affect its business operations.
  • The company has experienced negative cash flows in previous years / periods. Any operating losses or negative cash flows in the future could adversely affect its results of operations and financial condition.
  • The company has entered into certain transactions with related parties. These transactions or any future transactions with its related parties could potentially involve conflicts of interest.
  • The company Promoters, Directors and Key Managerial Personnel may have interest in the Company, other than reimbursement of expenses incurred or remuneration.
  • Sale of shares by its promoters or other significant shareholder(s) may adversely affect the trading price of the Equity Shares.
  • The issue price of the Equity Shares may not be indicative of market price of its equity shares after the issue and the market price of the company Equity shares may decline below the issue price.
  • There is no monitoring agency appointed by the Company and the deployment of funds are at the discretion of its Management and the company Board of Directors, though it shall be monitored by its Audit Committee.
  • The company has not identified any alternate source of financing the 'Objects of the Issue'. If the company fail to mobilize resources as per its plans, its growth plans may be affected.
  • The company ability to pay dividends in the future will depend upon future earnings, financial condition, cash flows, working capital requirements and capital expenditures.
  • The company Promoter and members of the Promoter Group will continue jointly to retain majority control over the Company after the Issue, which will allow them to determine the outcome of matters submitted to shareholders for approval.
  • The company has not independently verified certain data in this Draft Red Herring Prospectus.
  • The company funding requirements and proposed deployment of the Net Proceeds are based on management estimates and have not been independently appraised, and may be subject to change based on various factors, some of which are beyond its control.
  • Any future issuance of Equity Shares may dilute the shareholding of the Investor or any sale of Equity Shares by its Promoter or other significant shareholder(s) may adversely affect the trading price of the Equity Shares.
  • There is no guarantee that the Equity Shares issued pursuant to the Issue will be listed on the NSE Emerge Platform in a timely manner or at all.
  • The Equity Shares have never been publicly traded, and, after the Issue, the Equity Shares may experience price and volume fluctuations, and an active trading market for the Equity Shares may not develop. Further, the price of the Equity Shares may be volatile, and you may be unable to resell the Equity Shares at or above the Issue Price or at all.
  • There are restrictions on daily weekly monthly movement in the price of the equity shares, which may adversely affect the shareholder's ability to sell for the price at which it can sell, equity shares at a particular point in time.
  • You may be subject to Indian taxes arising out of capital gains on the sale of the Equity Shares.
  • Inorganic Growth.
  • Upgrade and Refine.
  • Employee friendly policies for Human Resources.
  • Focus on a targeted client portfolio.
  • Focus on expansion across each vertical to capitalize on industry opportunity.
  • Participating in Larger Projects.
  • Focus on greater internal operational efficiency.

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Promoter Holding

Pre Issue Share Holding 80.00%
Post Issue Share Holding 58.40%

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Subscription Status (Bidding Detail)

The Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO is subscribed - times on Jul 05, 2023 05:00:00 PM. The public issue subscribed - times in the retail category, - times in the QIB category, and - times in the NII category. Check Day by Day Subscription Details (Live Status)

Category QIB NII Retail Employee Total
Subscription (times) - - - - -

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Prospectus

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Listing Date

Listing Date 13 Jul 23
BSE Script 78836
Listing In NSE - SME
IPO Price ₹42
Face Value ₹10

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Registrar

Link Intime India Pvt Ltd

Phone: +91 8108114949

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Lead Manager(s)

  1. Interactive Financial Services Ltd

FAQs on Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO, which opens for subscription from 30-Jun-2023 to 05-Jul-2023 has an issue size of ₹26.41 crore. The issue type is book building issue.

In case of pre-apply, your IPO order will be placed on the Exchange as soon as the official bidding for Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO begins. You will receive a UPI request within 24 hours after the bidding period opens.

Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO Opens for subscription from 30-Jun-2023 to 05-Jul-2023.

The lot size of Tridhya Tech Ltd is 3000 shares. Retail investors can subscribe to minimum 1 lot and maximum 1 lots. The minimum and maximum application value is ₹126000 and ₹126000 respectively.

Allotment date for Tridhya Tech Ltd is 10-Jul-2023 and refund of application amount (in case allotment is not received) will begin from 11-Jul-2023. If your allotment goes through, then shares will be credited in your Demat account by 12-Jul-2023.

The registrar for Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO is Link Intime India Pvt Ltd. You can check your IPO allotment status on the registrar's website.

The shares of Tridhya Tech Ltd are proposed to be listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

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