Yatra Online Ltd IPO Timeline

Yatra Online Ltd IPO opens on 15-Sep-2023, and closes on 20-Sep-2023. The Yatra Online Ltd IPO bid date is from 15-Sep-2023 to 20-Sep-2023. The Cut-off time for UPI Mandate confirmation is 12 P.M. on the next day of issue closing day.

Event Date
Yatra Online Ltd IPO Opening Date 15-Sep-2023
Yatra Online Ltd IPO Closing Date 20-Sep-2023
Basis of Allotment 25-Sep-2023
Initiation of Refunds 26-Sep-2023
Credit of Shares to Demat 27-Sep-2023
Yatra Online Ltd IPO Listing Date 28-Sep-2023

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Lot Size

Yatra Online Ltd IPO lot size is 105 shares. A retail-individual investor can apply for up to 13 lots (1365 shares or 193830).

Application Lots Shares Amount
Minimum 1 105 ₹14910
Maximum 13 1365 ₹193830

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Details

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Date 15-Sep-2023 to 20-Sep-2023
Yatra Online Ltd IPO Face Value Shares of ₹1 per share
Yatra Online Ltd IPO Price ₹135 to ₹142 per share
Yatra Online Ltd IPO Lot Size 105
Issue Size Shares of ₹1 (aggregating up to ₹775 Cr)
Fresh Issue Shares of ₹1 (aggregating up to ₹602 Cr)
Offer for Sale Shares of ₹1 (aggregating up to ₹173 Cr)
Issue Type Book Built Portion
Listing At BSE, NSE
QIB Shares Offered Not more than 16748434
Retail Shares Offered Not less than 5677569
NII (HNI) Shares Offered Not less than 8516353
Company Promoters THCL Travel Holding Cyprus Ltd, Asia Consolidated DMC Pte Ltd.

Objects of the Issue

The company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds from the Fresh Issue towards funding the following objects:

  • 1 Strategic Investments, Acquisition and Inorganic Growth
  • 2 Investment in Customer Acquisition and Retention, Technology and other Organic Growth Initiatives
  • 3 General Corporate Purposes

Company Financials

Yatra Online Ltd Financial Information (Restated)

Period Ended Total Assets Total Revenue Profit After Tax
03-2023 537.91 268.04 -2.99
03-2022 524.45 149.43 -37.8
03-2021 446.95 98.64 -154.79
Amount in ₹ Crore
  • Trusted brand with a proven track record and targeted marketing strategy.
  • Its Synergistic Multi-Channel Platform for Business and Leisure Travelers.
  • Comprehensive Selection of Service and Product Offerings.
  • Large and Loyal Customer Base.
  • Integrated Technology Platform.
  • Experienced management team with an established track record.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and is expected to continue to have, a material adverse impact on the travel industry and its business, financial performance and liquidity position.
  • The Indian travel industry is highly competitive and its may not be able to effectively compete in the future.
  • The company is exposed to risks associated with Indian businesses, particularly those in the Indian travel industry, including bankruptcies, restructurings, consolidations and alliances of its partners, the credit worthiness of these partners, and the possible obligation to make payments to its partners.
  • The company is dependent on its airline ticketing business, which generates a significant percentage of its revenues and is derived from a small number of airline suppliers in India.
  • Air India has moved to a single GDS service provider platform for its domestic inventory; there can be no assurance that other airline suppliers will not institute similar measures.
  • The commission and other fees the company receive from airline suppliers (including its GDS service providers) for the sale of air tickets may be reduced or eliminated, and this could adversely affect its business and results of operations.
  • The company business depends on its relationships with a broad range of travel suppliers, and any adverse changes in these relationships, or its inability to enter into new relationships, could negatively affect its business, cash flows, and results of operations.
  • The company relies on third-party systems and service providers, and any disruption or adverse change in their business may have a material adverse effect on its business.
  • The company may not be able to adequately control and ensure the quality of travel products and services sourced from its travel suppliers. If there is any deterioration in the quality of their performance, its customers may seek damages from it and not continue using its online platform.
  • The termination of the merger with Ebix Inc. and related legal proceedings, may materially and adversely affect its results of operations.
  • Any failure to maintain the quality of its brand and reputation could have a material adverse effect on its business.
  • Intellectual property rights are important to its business and its cannot be sure that its intellectual property is protected from copying or use by others, and its may be subject to third-party claims for intellectual property rights infringement.
  • The company success depends on maintaining the integrity of the company systems and infrastructure, and adapting to technological developments, which may suffer from failures, capacity constraints, business interruptions and forces beyond its control.
  • The company success and future growth depend significantly on the company successful marketing efforts, and if such efforts are not successful, its business and financial results may be adversely impacted.
  • The company insurance coverage could prove inadequate to satisfy potential claims or protect it from potential operational hazards and losses which may have a material adverse effect on its financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.
  • The company may not be successful in implementing its growth strategies, which could adversely affect its business operations, financial condition and cash flows.
  • The expansion of its business to new geographic markets may expose it to additional risks.
  • Industry information included in this Draft Red Herring Prospectus has been derived from an industry report commissioned by it for such purpose. There can be no assurance that such third-party statistical, financial and other industry information is either complete or accurate.
  • The company relies on third party service providers for a significant portion of its operational services and its business may be adversely affected if they fail to meet its requirements or face operational disruptions.
  • The company Statutory Auditor has included emphasis of matters, in the their report on audited consolidated financial statements of the Company, its Subsidiaries and its joint venture.
  • The company is exposed to the proceedings or claims arising from travel-related accidents or customer misconducts during their travels, the occurrence of which may be beyond its control.
  • The company may be subject to legal or administrative proceedings regarding its travel products and services, information provided on its online platform or other aspects of its business operations, which may be time-consuming to defend and affect its reputation.
  • The company relies on assumptions and estimates to calculate certain of its key metrics, and real or perceived inaccuracies in such metrics may harm its reputation and negatively affect the company business.
  • The roll-out of new features, improvements and strategies may not meet its expectations.
  • The company may not be successful in pursuing strategic partnerships and acquisitions, and future partnerships and acquisitions may not bring it anticipated benefits.
  • The company propose to utilize the Net Proceeds to undertake acquisitions for which targets have not been identified. Net Proceeds to be utilized towards strategic investments, acquisitions and inorganic growth initiatives may be insufficient for the cost of such proposed inorganic acquisition and the deployment of Net Proceeds towards such inorganic growth initiatives may not take place within the period currently intended, and may be reduced or delayed.
  • Any variation in the utilisation of the Net Proceeds would be subject to certain compliance requirements, including prior shareholders' approval.
  • The company failure to raise additional capital or generate cash flows necessary to expand its operations and invest in new technologies in the future could reduce its ability to compete successfully and harm its results of operations or cause it to curtail or cease its operations.
  • Raising additional capital may cause dilution to the company shareholders, restrict its operations or require it to relinquish substantial rights.
  • The company could be negatively affected by changes in Internet search engine algorithms and dynamics, or search engine disintermediation.
  • Any inability or failure to adapt to technological developments, the evolving competitive landscape or industry trends could harm its business and competitiveness.
  • The company may be exposed to risks relating to processing, storage, use and disclosure of customer data of its customers or visitors to its website and mobile application.
  • The company and other OTAs are required to collect tax from airlines and deposit such tax with the Government of India. Its may not be able to recover such tax from airlines on behalf of whom its deposit such tax.
  • The company exposed to risks associated with the payments business, including online security and credit card fraud.
  • The company has, in the past entered into certain related party transactions and may continue to do so in future. Any related party transactions that are not on an arm's length basis or that may lead to conflicts of interest may adversely affect its business, results of operation, cash flows and financial condition.
  • The company is dependent on a number of key personnel and its inability to attract or retain such persons or finding equally skilled personnel could adversely affect its business, results of operations, cash flows and financial condition.
  • There are outstanding litigation proceedings involving the Company, its Promoters and/ or its Directors, an adverse outcome in which, may have an adverse impact on its reputation, business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.
  • Infrastructure in India may not be upgraded in order to support higher internet penetration, which may adversely impact its business.
  • The company has in this Draft Red Herring Prospectus included certain Non-GAAP Measures and certain other industry measures related to its operations and financial performance. These Non-GAAP Measures and industry measures may not be comparable with financial or industry related statistical information of similar nomenclature computed and presented by other companies.
  • Inability to maintain adequate internal controls may affect its ability to effectively manage its operations, resulting in errors or information lapses.
  • The company quarterly results may fluctuate for a variety of reasons, including the seasonality in the leisure travel industry, and may not fully reflect the underlying performance of its business.
  • The company may need to make additional investments in the event of any slowdowns or disruptions in ongoing efforts to upgrade Internet infrastructure in India.
  • Internal or external fraud or misconduct or misrepresentation or mis-selling could adversely affect its reputation and the company results of operations.
  • Certain Directors and Key Management Personnel hold or may hold Equity Shares in the Company and can be considered as interested in the Company's performance in addition to their remuneration and reimbursement of expenses.
  • Inaccurate information from suppliers of hotel room inventory may lead to customer complaints.
  • The company may be required to take write-downs or write-offs, restructuring and impairment or other charges that could have a significant negative effect on its financial condition, results of operations, cash flows, and share price, which could cause you to lose some or all of your investment.
  • Any negative operating cash flows in the future would adversely affect its cash flow requirements, which may adversely affect its ability to operate its business and implement its growth plans, thereby affecting its financial condition.
  • Failure to obtain or renew approvals, licenses, registrations and permits to operate its business in a timely manner, or at all, may adversely affect its business, financial condition, cash flows and results of operations.
  • The company cannot assure that its will be able to secure adequate financing to meet its working capital requirements in the future on acceptable terms or in requisite time.
  • The company has issued Equity Shares at prices that may be lower than the Offer Price in the last 12 months.
  • The company has not made any dividend payments in the past and its ability to pay dividends in the future will depend on its earnings, financial condition, working capital requirements, capital expenditures and restrictive covenants of its financing arrangements.
  • The company use of open source software could adversely affect its ability to offer its products and services and subject the company to possible litigation.
  • Inappropriate or fraudulent content may be displayed on its online platforms which may adversely affect its reputation and brand.
  • The company Promoters, THCL and ACDPL, will continue to retain majority shareholding in the Company after the Offer, which will allow them to exercise significant influence over the company.
  • The company will not receive any proceeds from the Offer for Sale. The Selling Shareholders will receive the net proceeds from the Offer for Sale.
  • The company offices are located on leased premises and there can be no assurance that these leases will be renewed upon termination or that its will be able to obtain other premises on lease on same or similar commercial terms.
  • The company has certain contingent liabilities that have not been provided for in its financial statements, which if they materialise, may adversely affect its financial condition.
  • The company is required to comply with certain restrictive covenants under its financing agreements. Any noncompliance may lead to, amongst others, suspension of further drawdowns, which may adversely affect its business, results of operations, financial condition and cash flows.
  • Growth in the customer base using cost-effective technology solutions
  • Grow "Share Of Wallet" With Existing Customers-Leverage its Multi-Channel Approach and its Loyalty Programs
  • Further Strengthen its focus on Corporate business
  • Invest in Technology "One-Stop Shop" For All Travel Needs
  • Fuel Growth Through Innovative Acquisition Strategies
  • Leverage its existing travel agent network in Tier II and Tier III cities

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Promoter Holding

Pre Issue Share Holding 98.59%
Post Issue Share Holding 0%

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Subscription Status (Bidding Detail)

The Yatra Online Ltd IPO is subscribed 1.61 times on Sep 20, 2023 05:00:00 PM. The public issue subscribed 2.11 times in the retail category, 2.05 times in the QIB category, and 0.42 times in the NII category. Check Day by Day Subscription Details (Live Status)

Category QIB NII Retail Employee Total
Subscription (times) 2.05 0.42 2.11 - 1.61

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Prospectus

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Listing Date

Listing Date 28 Sep 23
BSE Script 543992
Listing In BSE, NSE
IPO Price ₹142
Face Value ₹1

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Registrar

Link Intime India Pvt Ltd

Phone: 91-22-4918 6200
Email: yatra.ipo@linkintime.co.in
Website: www.linkintime.co.in

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Lead Manager(s)

  1. SBI Capital Markets Ltd
  2. DAM Capital Advisors Ltd
  3. IIFL Securities Ltd

FAQs on Yatra Online Ltd IPO

Yatra Online Ltd IPO, which opens for subscription from 15-Sep-2023 to 20-Sep-2023 has an issue size of ₹775 crore. The issue type is book building issue.

In case of pre-apply, your IPO order will be placed on the Exchange as soon as the official bidding for Yatra Online Ltd IPO begins. You will receive a UPI request within 24 hours after the bidding period opens.

Yatra Online Ltd IPO Opens for subscription from 15-Sep-2023 to 20-Sep-2023.

The lot size of Yatra Online Ltd is 105 shares. Retail investors can subscribe to minimum 1 lot and maximum 13 lots. The minimum and maximum application value is ₹14910 and ₹193830 respectively.

Allotment date for Yatra Online Ltd is 25-Sep-2023 and refund of application amount (in case allotment is not received) will begin from 26-Sep-2023. If your allotment goes through, then shares will be credited in your Demat account by 27-Sep-2023.

The registrar for Yatra Online Ltd IPO is Link Intime India Pvt Ltd. You can check your IPO allotment status on the registrar's website.

The shares of Yatra Online Ltd are proposed to be listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

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