Customer Review: Margin Trading Facility @6.99% with m.Stock

15 Jun, 2023

It feels amazing to have a candid conversation with our dear customers! Meet Mr. Jeenesh Gala, one of our esteemed clients, who narrates his journey as a trader, his trading inspirations, shift to m.Stock and how has it been for him with us, so far.

Watch this video to know how he is reaping the benefits of our Zero Brokerage demat account, which offers zero brokerage for life across all products. This as per him, is one of our biggest advantage and he is very pleased and satisfied using m.Stock for his investments and trades.

He mentioned specially, about our super low eMargin (MTF) interest rates (starting from just 6.99% p.a.) which has helped him get the right leverage at the right time.

He is very satisfied with our products and services and has already recommended m.Stock trading platform to many of his family and friends. And quite a few of his closest family and friends are also his m.Stock customers.

An interest rate is the most competitive rate. 6.99% is what below you can offer. At the right time, when you have money available, you are giving a leverage. What is greater than that? Zero brokerage is the biggest advantage. And wherever I get an opportunity, I am recommending. I am a practicing Chartered accountant. And I invest and trade in the regular market. My younger brother, wife and my father are at home.

Actually, since my grandfather's time, we used to invest and trade in the market. So, we learnt from them and continued our legacy. That is the inspiration. And in the family, they have been seeing since childhood. Investments, trading. So, we learn and continue. That is where we have come. We continue. When the launch of the product advertisement came in the paper, we saw that the brand recognition was there.

That Mirae Asset were already in mutual funds. And we are already invested in it. All their funds were in the top 3-4-5 categories. And we have made money. So, we were so confident that when this brand is coming in stocks, we should work with them. We switched it because we needed it. The new age brokerage company that is offering competitiveness. Like, there is e-margin product, share market app through trading, the money coming and going from the banking channel is easing. Plus, zero brokerage. Cost is the number one advantage. And interest rate is the most competitive rate. That is the best thing that you are offering. My relationship with the stock is very good. Because there is ease of doing trade. And because of the e-margin facility, whenever we get an opportunity in the market, at that time,it benefits us a lot. The market is very down. You have limited funds. And you know that you should buy more stocks. That is not possible. But here we see that possibility. But at the right time, when money is available, you are giving the leverage. What is better than that? Everybody has switched to M-stock in my family. Many of my friends have switched. And wherever I get an opportunity, I am recommending them to switch to m.Stock. Very professional, very convenient. And very ease of doing to trade. So, the products of m.Stock are very competitive and good. And I sincerely wish and hope that m.Stock grows. And your clientele also grows. And everybody makes money.

Investments and securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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