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Know about Current Market Scenario

07 Jun, 2022

Stay updated with the Current Stock Market Scenarios. Also, know the cause for the volatile situation in the stock market at m.Stock.


So, as we all know that the market has been going through a very volatile period and, I believe that the volatility or the uncertainty, so to say, will continue for a couple of quarters more. Now, just to drill a little deeper in terms of the factors which are causing this volatility, I would want to split into two parts.

One is the economic factors and second is the markets itself in terms of the levels. So economic factors we are all aware inflation is hitting us on the wrong side and hitting us hard. That's actually caused due to the, the prices going up in terms of commodity is oil and, then now actually due to increasing interest rates, actually the cost of money itself is going up - That's one.

Second Omicron played incorrectly, in the third quarter and due to which we could see a lot of supply side issues, which was caused, especially from China, from Indonesia, and actually it's impacting the world.

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