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Benefits of Demat Account Opening with m.Stock

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Benefits Of Opening Demat Account With m.Stock

What is a Demat Account and why do you need it?

Millions of Indians have turned to the stock market to participate in its buzz, excitement and change their financial future, for the better. However, before you can trade in the stock market, you must open a Demat and trading account. Contrary to popular belief, Demat and trading accounts are not the same. A Demat account merely holds your financial assets. Whereas a trading account actually facilitates buying and selling of the stored assets. As per the rules laid down by SEBI, Demat accounts can only be opened through a registered and authorised Depository Participant (broker).

Why should you open a Demat account with m.Stock?

m.Stock is a one-stop investing and trading platform offered by Mirae Asset, a globally renowned financial group with over US $600 Billion in assets under management. With a global lineage across 25+ countries, m.Stock provides unparalleled technology, which allows you to trade faster and make the right decision. But the best part of investing/trading with m.Stock is its unbelievable pricing. With a one-time fee of Rs 999, you can trade for free across products for life. You can also opt to make your annual maintenance charge free for life, by paying an additional Rs. 999.

Benefits of opening a Demat Account with m.Stock

  • Unmatched pricing with zero brokerage across products for life
  • Intuitive, fast and simple user interface
  • Advanced technical and fundamental tools and data for better decision making
  • Benefit from global lineage of 25+ years
  • Option to invest and trade in multiple products from the same platform, such as stocks, mutual funds, F&O, ETFs, currency, commodities, etc.
  • Multi-channel availability with multi-screen login.
  • Best-in-class features and services like margin trading facility, GTT orders, IPO, live news, pre-created index baskets, etc.
  • Dedicated customer support to resolve your queries

So, enjoy the power of m.Stock and open your Demat account today.

How to open Demat account with m.Stock

Opening a Demat and trading account with m.Stock is very easy, convenient, and quick. In fact, the entire account opening journey can be accomplished in a matter of a few minutes by following the below steps:

  • Enter your mobile number and verify with OTP
  • Enter your email ID and verify using OTP
  • Provide your PAN card number and enter your date of birth.
  • Pay the account opening fee of ₹999 in case you are opening the lifetime Zero Brokerage account or you can also opt for the Free Delivery Account at zero account opening cost.
  • Upload your selfie
  • Upload or draw signature using stylus
  • Link your bank account to your trading account
  • Enter profile information (gender, occupation, nominee details etc.)
  • Upload F&O proof like ITR, salary slip, bank statement etc.
  • Upload address details manually or via Digilocker
  • Complete In-Person Verification
  • Upload PAN Card
  • Finalise the authorisation process with e-sign using Aadhaar OTP

That’s it. On successful verification, you will receive your Demat account ID and password within 24-48 working hours, using which you can trade on m.Stock trading app and web platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, there are 3 types of Demat accounts that you can open based on the category you fall in.

  1. Regular Demat Account - for resident Indian citizens using an Indian bank account.
  2. Repatriable Demat Account - for NRIs who wish to trade in Indian stock exchanges but want to transfer the funds to an overseas account through a linked Non-Resident External (NRE) bank account.
  3. Non-repatriable Demat Account - for NRIs who wish to trade in Indian stock exchanges but do not wish to transfer funds overseas. A Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) bank account needs to be linked in this case.

Opening a Demat account with m. Stock is quite simple and requires only the basic documentation such as:

  • Bank Details (IFSC code, Account number, Photo of a canceled cheque)
  • PAN card
  • Address proof (Aadhaar card, Ration card etc.)
  • Financial proof and income statements (In case of F&O activation)

Yes, you can open multiple demat accounts and have them linked to your unique trading account. However, it is important to note that you can only open one demat account online with a single broker.

m.Stock gives you the unprecedented option to open a Zero Brokerage account for life, at a one-time demat account charge of ₹999 only. Furthermore, there is also the opportunity to get rid of AMC costs, for life, by opting to pay another one-time fee of ₹999 only. Alternatively, you can open a Free Delivery demat account at zero cost, which allows you place equity delivery trades, buy IPO and MF at zero brokerage and trade at discounted rates of ₹20 per executed order for F&O, Intraday, Currency, and Commodity etc.

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