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7 factors to consider while opening Trading account online

Want to open a trading account and invest in the financial markets? For a first-time investor, the process of opening a trading account seems like a daunting task. There are many factors involved that determine which trading account will be best suited to your needs. So it’s natural to be filled with doubts and questions. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of 6 factors to consider while opening a trading account online.

Fees and charges

This factor needs to be carefully evaluated. You may come across advertisements offering free trading account opening, but be mindful, this is just one of the charges associated with the opening and maintaining of your trading account. There are a few other charges that may be levied such as annual maintenance charges and transaction charges. Thus, it is crucial to understand and compare the different charges associated.

With m.stock, traders can get complete transparency on the charges levied. m.Stock offers two account opening plans. As per the first plan traders can avail zero brokerage across all segments with a one-time fee of ₹999. Alternatively, they can choose a free delivery account at zero cost.

Advanced trading platform

The use of a single platform for demat and trading makes the process more efficient. Most DPs have made the process convenient with the online application form and submission of documents. Ensure that the service provider offers paperless account opening with easy documentation. Further, a robust technology platform such as m.Stock will also provide details about your holdings, valuations, transaction statements, portfolio, etc. Some even offer investment notifications and smart investing tips.

Trading leverage offered

What is the trading leverage permitted by the broker? This is useful when you are trading intraday or in futures. Trading leverage has multiple benefits and can boost your ROI. Thus, it is of key importance to consider the maximum leverage with your broker. m.Stock MTF (eMargin) offers you one of the industry’s lowest interest rate at 6.99% with no limit on the holding period.

Easy-to-use interface

The interface of the platform that you choose plays a crucial role in determining your overall experience. Thus, the platform must be intuitive and easy to access. Keeping up with these factors, m.Stock has designed a platform that makes your trading a seamless experience. Additionally, the platform also enables a quick, 5 mins onboarding process.

Security and stability

Look for a platform with a good presence and market reputation by conducting due diligence on its records, including customer base, geographical dominance, years of operation, etc. Among the leading platforms, m.Stock has gained investors’ confidence in providing a reliable and secure trading platform. This is particularly important given the current spike in cyberattack occurrences.

High-quality support services

DPs also provide support services to the investors, in which they differ from one another. You should look for support services like complaint redressal, timely settlements, dealing with pledge and lien issues, and consulting and advisory services, among others.

Bottom line

A trading account will not only help you execute transactions but will also prove beneficial in managing your investments. You can make your trading journey smoother by knowing what factors to consider when opening a trading account. Open your demat account and trading account with m.Stock to enjoy a smooth and secure trading experience.

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