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MTF trading

Features & Benefits of Margin Trading

Margin Trading Facility (MTF) is an investment facility that enables investors to buy shares by paying a fraction of the total value upfront. This fractional value is called margin, which is provided against clear credit balance in the investor’s trading account. The remaining funding is provided by the broker, for which they charge interest depending on the tenure of the borrowing.

To understand how MTF works, let us consider an example. Say you want to buy shares worth ₹30 lakhs, but you only have ₹6 lakhs in your trading account. Normally, you will not be able to take this position. But with MTF, your broker will give you a loan of ₹24 lakhs, helping you place the trade. In exchange for this loan or funding, your broker will charge you interest for as long as you hold your position. The interest charged varies from broker to broker and can go as high as 24% p.a. In the above example, let us assume you use m.Stock’s MTF (eMargin) where the interest charged on borrowing of ₹24 lakhs is 9.49% p.a. Assuming you hold your position for 1 year, the total interest charged on this trade will be ₹2,27,760 (₹24,00,000*9.49%). This is how MTF works. Let us now look at the features of MTF.

Features of margin trading facility

  • With MTF, your broker is only lending you the funds to buy stocks. You do not own the stocks as they are pledged with the broker.
  • MTF is a leveraged product where you are buying shares beyond your purchasing power. This means both your profits and losses are multiplied (due to leverage).
  • MTF is mostly used in delivery trades. The logic being that in the case of F&O, you are always concerned about expiry and settlement. But MTF allows you to hold your position in cash, without any holding period restrictions.
  • Since it is a leveraged product, MTF is offered in select stocks only. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) identifies the securities where MTF is allowed.

How does margin trading facility benefit investors?

  • Eliminates the issue of inadequate capital:

    Lack of capital is a common complaint among investors who want to seize market opportunities. But with MTF, you can undertake a large position by paying only a fraction of the trade value upfront. As we saw in the earlier example, you can take a position of ₹30 lakhs against a margin of ₹6 lakhs in your trading account. However, a majority of brokers cap the funding percentage to 50-70%. But with m.Stock, you get as high as 80% funding at one of the lowest interest rates starting at 6.99% p.a.
  • Higher profit potential:

    MTF is essentially a leveraged product. This means you can multiply your gains without actually paying 100% of the trade value. For instance, assume you want to place a trade for ₹30 lakhs (buy 2,000 quantities of XYZ Ltd. for a share price of ₹1,500). You will need to maintain a margin of ₹6 lakhs against broker’s 80% funding of ₹24 lakhs. Now assuming the stock moves up by 20%, your profit is a whopping ₹6 lakhs. But if you had not taken the funding, then you would have bought only 400 shares and your profit would be limited to ₹1.20 lakhs.

      With MTF Without MTF
    Self-funding (margin) ₹6,00,000 ₹6,00,000
    m.Stock funding ₹24,00,000 ₹0
    Total trade value ₹30,00,000 ₹6,00,000
    CMP per share ₹1,500 ₹1,500
    Quantity bought 2000 400
    CMP after 20% gain ₹1,800 ₹1,800
    Total sale proceeds ₹36,00,000 ₹7,20,000
    Profit earned ₹6,00,000 ₹1,20,000

    In the above example, you have essentially multiplied your profits 5 times from ₹1.20 lakhs to ₹6 lakhs.

    This is how MTF helps investors leverage their capital and create potentially unlimited wealth. Use m.Stock’s MTF calculator to calculate how m.Stock's lowest interest rates can benefit your trades. Amongst a lot of players in the market, m.Stock’s eMargin is one of the best as interest charged starts as low as 6.99% p.a. for funding above ₹5 crore. And that’s not all. You can avail m.Stock’s eMargin facility without any subscription charges or brokerages. So, go ahead, invest big with m.Stock’s eMargin in 700+ stocks without paying a single rupee in brokerages. Open a m.Stock account today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leverage, higher return on equity, access to broker’s funds are some of the benefits of margin trading facility.

Margin trading is an excellent facility to make a profit with limited capital. It increases investor’s buying potential and return on investment.

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