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What is Free in Zero Brokerage Demat Account

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What All is Free in Zero Brokerage

When you see or hear the term, ‘Zero Brokerage’, you must be wondering exactly, what all is free in zero brokerage? Does zero brokerage mean no charges on intraday trading? Or futures and options? It's easy to get confused. But don't worry as in this article, we will tell you exactly what all is free in zero brokerage with m.Stock.

  • Equity Delivery :

    Equity delivery refers to a situation wherein you as an investor/trader buy shares with the intention of holding them for the long term, till you find an advantageous situation to sell them. Equity Delivery is free with m.Stock zero brokerage account. You can hold your stocks for as long as you want, without paying any brokerage.
  • Equity Intraday :

    In intraday trading, you buy and sell shares on the same day with the aim of capitalising on the intraday market movements. Discount brokers charge ₹20 per executed trade while full-service brokers charge on a percentage basis. But with m.Stock, you pay zero brokerage on intraday trading, for life. Are you an intraday trader? Calculate how much you can save with m.stock’s brokerage calculator now!
  • Futures :

    Futures are financial contracts to exchange an underlying asset at a predetermined date and price in the future. Both buyers and sellers are obligated to buy or sell, irrespective of the market price of the underlying asset on the settlement date.
  • Options :

    Options are financial instruments where the buyer has the option to buy or sell the underlying asset, but the seller has an obligation to settle the contract.

F&Os are a big money-maker for the broking industry, which charges hefty brokerage on every F&O trade. But m.Stock charges absolutely zero brokerage on F&O, irrespective of your trade size and options traded.

So, when choosing a brokerage firm to open your Demat account with, you must opt for a broker with the lowest brokerage plans. And what is better than low brokerage? Zero brokerage with m.Stock! Open an m.Stock zero brokerage and benefit from brokerage-free trading on equity delivery, equity intraday, futures and options for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free brokerage trading means that your stockbroker will not levy any brokerage charges on your trades. This is beneficial to investors as it lowers the break-even point.

Zero brokerage brokers charge a one-time upfront fee and provide no-frill platform experiences that reduce their overall cost so they can pass the benefit to their customers.

A pure zero brokerage trading account like m.Stock’s Zero Brokerage account is transparent and does not have any hidden charges. Investors can trade freely across all products for life!

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